The Idol-maker- Part 2

It was the Mahalaya, the day from which the Navratri starts. On this day, Ma Durga starts off her journey to go to her parental home from her husband, Shiva's home. But for Raj, the old blind idol-maker, the journey was actually the reverse. Every year,  the idol of the goddess which he makes with … Continue reading The Idol-maker- Part 2


The Idol-maker – Part 1

The Durga Puja was nearing. The idol-makers at the Kumartuli were too busy to eat their square meals. All their perspiration and efforts were devoted only to the shaping the idols of the goddess and her children from the soil of the bed of the Ganges. The members of the Puja committees thronged at Kumartuli … Continue reading The Idol-maker – Part 1

A Pair of Magnetic Blue Eyes

If you have ever met me in person, you would have known I possess a pair of blue eye-balls. Yeah, you're right - that's the rarest (well, I am an Indian) and beautiful gift from God when I took birth. People say that my eyes were two pieces of magnet: they were able to capture … Continue reading A Pair of Magnetic Blue Eyes

A Page From The Diary Of An Ugly Girl

Dear Diary, I hope you remember that today was my cousin's marriage. I was eagerly waiting for this day. She was the princess of my uncle and was going to be the queen of my brother-in-law. In perfect tuning to her past, present, and future positions, she is beautiful in the eyes of our society: … Continue reading A Page From The Diary Of An Ugly Girl

The Monolog Of A Passionate Lover

I still remember that day when one of your text messages said, "Right now, I am emotionally unavailable. I just don't want you to leave dangling in the air for you are my best friend. Please understand me. I am sorry." And only my soft pillow knew I shed a thousand tears that night yet all … Continue reading The Monolog Of A Passionate Lover

The Shooting Star

Meera would be leaving for abroad the next day. That night she missed her friends. And then hoped to see a shooting star to make special wish. Would she really get to see a shooting star? Would it make her wish come true? Who was that special person for whom she wished? Read "The Shooting Star" for knowing the answers that lead to redefining of the world's best relationship.