Expectations Vs. Reality

When she saw the first ray of light, just after coming out of her mother's womb, she expected Life to be fair. The cruel woman, Reality who stood waiting to embrace the baby, laughed her heart out. "Well, as for expectations, I kill 'em all." The little girl who always abided by her elders, trusted … Continue reading Expectations Vs. Reality


A Pair of Magnetic Blue Eyes

If you have ever met me in person, you would have known I possess a pair of blue eye-balls. Yeah, you're right - that's the rarest (well, I am an Indian) and beautiful gift from God when I took birth. People say that my eyes were two pieces of magnet: they were able to capture … Continue reading A Pair of Magnetic Blue Eyes

A Page From The Diary Of An Ugly Girl

Dear Diary, I hope you remember that today was my cousin's marriage. I was eagerly waiting for this day. She was the princess of my uncle and was going to be the queen of my brother-in-law. In perfect tuning to her past, present, and future positions, she is beautiful in the eyes of our society: … Continue reading A Page From The Diary Of An Ugly Girl