Dear Readers & Followers,

Now, it’s the room to share you my very personal thoughts. A grand welcome to my blog and I hope the time you spend in reading my posts will be really worthwhile. 🙂 🙂

I feel literature is nothing but the reflection of our own soul. My stories are not just fairy tales or any random incidents but the stories of human lives themselves. Every life has its own unique story but we fail to understand. Sometimes it requires to point out that uniqueness.

What you’ll get back from my website is a sense of satisfaction; sometimes you can even relate your story to mine. 🙂  The small instances of life that sometimes challenges our very existence are central to these stories. And, sometimes these stories remain untold & unexpressed. That’s Life!

Do like and comment on the blog posts if you really like them. If you’re overwhelmed, just press the blue button “Follow” on your right. Well, there’s a magic! The blue button will now say “Following“.


The Archive section is for you to discover the past blog posts as well. ✌

Hope you’ll love to read these sagas of Life. ❤

With warm regards,



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