Expectations Vs. Reality

  • When she saw the first ray of light, just after coming out of her mother’s womb, she expected Life to be fair. The cruel woman, Reality who stood waiting to embrace the baby, laughed her heart out. “Well, as for expectations, I kill ’em all.”
  • The little girl who always abided by her elders, trusted her cousin just like her own brother. She never expected to get touched by him in return of expensive chocolates. Reality winked at her. Her innocence left her, scarring her ability to trust elders.
  • That teenage girl, whose tiny heart first felt the waves of love, expected her lover to be trustworthy. She expected to live her life just with him, forever. But his true face, full of disloyalty and lust, broke her heart. Reality laughed once again.
  • She expected that one day the best person of this world, would be coming to brighten up her world. She dreamed of her very own Prince Charming. And on one fine evening, in the disguise of Prince Charming, the devil entered her bedroom. Expectation cried out loud as it died a painful death.
  • She saved penny by penny, hoping her son would become a big man one day. Again her zero expectations from her daughter, led to utter negligence towards her girl. Reality hid herself behind the curtains of Expectation, only to reveal after a span of twenty long years. Her apple of the eye, one and only son, immigrated and settled abroad, without her. False expectations devastated her. Reality brought her daughter in front of her again, who cared for her mother till her last breath.

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