A Pair of Magnetic Blue Eyes

If you have ever met me in person, you would have known I possess a pair of blue eye-balls. Yeah, you’re right – that’s the rarest (well, I am an Indian) and beautiful gift from God when I took birth. People say that my eyes were two pieces of magnet: they were able to capture the attention of every single person. Often I used to wonder why God chose only me to give this special gift. Possibly this question lingered in others’ minds too. That’s why I was always pointed out to be lucky one. During my childhood, I enjoyed this as compliment. Over the years, these compliments: “Wow, nice pair of eyes”, “Lucky girl, you’ve majestic eyes”, “All boys in this world will fall for you, charming lady” etc. gradually faded their charm. I simply brushed them off silently.

But things went out of hand when I became the highest scorer in the high school examination. One of my male classmates said, “Don’t you think these days teachers distribute marks based on their faces, eyes and what not!” I was furious as hell.Not only did he made bad remarks on the teachers but also me! “So, you feel that. You can’t see the hard work behind the results and so you make idiotic comments to hurt others. Just don’t dare to talk with me ever again.”

My sweet best friend, Tina did not say a word while the whole incident was going on. I was ashamed and badly hurt at the same time. Had my family not taught me how to be a good girl, I would have surely taught my male classmate a better lesson.

Later I asked Tina, “Why were you silent that time? Didn’t you feel insulted?”

“I did. But I couldn’t speak. Not because of that idiotic fellow but because of your eyes. They were ignited with anger. I have always seen your blue, magnetic eyes attracting the opposite gender. They adorned you even when you were in the monotonous school uniform. But this time, they were your shields, protecting your dignity. God has given you the most powerful gift, Damayanti – your blue eyes can even burn a person alive. I am sure he won’t dare to insult you in future.”

I was dumbstruck. I never knew such a thing: the most beautiful jewelry of my mortal body had another facet too – the magnetic blue eyes were actually inflammable! They no longer embellished my body only but my inner soul too. A new thought dawned in my feminine mind: God did not give me two pieces of blue magnets but had gifted me a pair of potential weapons to save myself from unwanted situations. Thank you, the great Almighty!


This ‘partly fictional and partly real’ story is written based on the Daily Prompt –  “Magnet”.


26 thoughts on “A Pair of Magnetic Blue Eyes

      1. oops, racing along I was, please, my apology. I would, (but only since you pointed out my error), of liked to of changed it for passion, but each stanza is governed by a 5,7.5, syllable count. So, gaol only being only 1 syllable long fit nicely, passion being 2. Gaol being a synonym of passion 🙂

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    1. You’re mistaken, Mick. I didn’t evoke the concept of blue eyes from this song. It was purely coincidental. The blue eyes about which I have written was my imagination as this is the first time I am hearing this song.

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